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April 24, 2004

The busy-weeks are almost over

Brisbane Daily Life

After returning from New Zealand last friday I knew I had a hectic schedule for the next two weeks, but I didn't know how hectic until I got the flu as well...
There was both an advanced divers course, two assignments, two mid-term exams, lots of project work and my new job to take care of. Plenty more than I appreciated, but now I'm almost done with everything!

For those awaiting a travelentry from New Zealand, I promise it'll be up soon! Due to my workload I haven't had time to finish it yet, but it's on its way and will have heaps of pictures! It's about half-done, so expect it online in a couple of days.

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April 16, 2004

Kiwi Experience

The Travel Channel

Outlook over TimaruThe week after easter was a no-lecture week at Uni's down here so that people could have some time to unwind or put in extra work. I choose the first one by going away to New Zealand for 10 days with Carina, a norwegian journalism-student I've met down here. It was the most beautiful trip ever!

We flew in to Christchurch where we got a rental car to drive around the South-Island, and the changes and views of the landscape was just amazing! At first sight it reminded us of Norway, then of Southern England, Scotland, France, and Norway again, before entering an area not unlike the area around Sydney. Despite the similarities, each area also had its own very unique properties which are hard to describe. Most amazing is the fact that all of these landscapes are squeezed together in a relatively small area, so you can drive between them in just a few hours!

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April 6, 2004


Brisbane Daily Life

I didn't really get to do as much work on my assignments as planned last week, and ended up going out both thursday and friday, but after a bit of effort both yesterday and on saturday I'm more or less where I need to be with my work, which is good as I'm leaving for New Zealand in just a couple of hours!

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April 1, 2004

The Beauty of Little Norway

Website Updates

After a long wait I have finally made a movie portraying my new home. Read More or go here to download your preferred version of my australian paradise!

The topic is a play on the fact that out of the 514 apartments here at Cathedral Place, more than a hundred is occupied by Norwegians! This makes us a highly visible group around the pool and beach, giving some enough reason to dub the complex "Little Norway". And why shouldn't they? The chinese have their Chinatown just a block away... :-)

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