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July 21, 2004

Early end of summer-holidays

Study all Day

It was wonderful to finally get back home to Harstad. I spent a week just slacking around, meeting a couple of friends and playing around with my old 386-computer, installing a soundcard and a large harddrive in it to make it an awesome retro game-station. Oh the memories! :-)

Then Carina came to visit last wednesday, and the rest of the week went by like a dream! All we did was driving around to show her the city, have good dinners with my family and cuddling up together to watch movies. I could have been doing that forever... but that is all the rest I got, for on Sunday Carina went back to visit her parents, and I drove to Narvik to start a summercourse in Advanced Calculus.

I need the course in order to get accepted at Master of Engineering studies in Norway. It is an intensive 3 week course, so we got straight down to business at 8:15 on monday morning. This is going to be hell as math is my worst subject ever. It's only been three days into the course, and I already feel like I'm falling behind. But as I really want my Masters I'll just have to hang in there. At least this is the last mathematics class I'll ever have to take! At least it's finally bed-time now, but tomorrow morning it is back to the books... *sigh*

July 9, 2004


The Travel Channel

JAL-747.jpgFinally home!
After a way to early awakening, a 12 hour flight from Narita to Frankfurt, 3 more hours to Oslo and another 2 hours to Harstad I've finally arrived at home.
Spending the last hours in Tokyo repacking our stuff, getting barely 6 hours of sleep and then travelling for more than 20 hours is quite exhausting. And due to jetlag I still couldn't sleep any more than 6 hours last night! *yawn*
It's all a lot of work and one suitcase is still at Gardemoen, and a big box with some stuff is left in Brisbane, which Carina will send to me when she returns there, so it will be quite a while until I have all my stuff safely in hand.

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July 7, 2004

Shop till you drop... and then some!

The Travel Channel

Japan day 5 to 7 - Tõkyõ City
After having found and booked a more suitable hotel for our next two nights in Tokyo, we walked from Shin-Tokyo to Ginza, the most high-class and expensive shopping district in the city. This is also the location of the Sony Showroom where all the up and coming electronic devices from Sony and partners are presented. I didn't see any new devices there besides a range of solid-state MP3-players and the new AIBO's, neither of which is revolutionary, but it might not be season for new devices right now as I think most of them is released during autumn. After walking around a bit in Ginza and having dinner at a resturant we located a shop selling genuine Katana swords as I really wanted to get one as a souvenir, but the prices were a bit steeper than I expected. Most were at 200.000 yen or above, which is an order of magnitude more than I had hoped for, and the owner informed me that one needs a police permit to export real swords from Japan so there went that plan. I obviously had to settle for a replica-sword instead, but the shop carried few of those so I decided to put it off for another time.

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July 5, 2004

Castles, shrines and a bad hotel

The Travel Channel

Japan day 3 and 4 - Himeji, Kyoto and Tokyo
After a good nights sleep at at Toyoko Inn were they even had free internet in all the rooms(!) we boarded the Shinkansen again headed back towards Tokyo. Our first stop en-route was Himeji, one of Japans old castle-towns from the middle ages. Here we visited Himeji-castle which differs from the other places we visisted by still retaining its original interiour as well as the exteriour. It was very interesting to see a japanese castle in its original form and the view from the top-floor would have been amazing had it not been for limited visibility caused by the thin fog that appeared to cover all of Japan constantly.

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July 2, 2004

In the land of sake and sushi!

The Travel Channel

Japan Day 1 and 2 - Osaka and Hiroshima
After getting up early and spending the next 9 hours on Japan Airlines morning flight to Tokyo me and Carina arrived at Narita Airport tired and confused. Lots of people, mostly strange signs everywhere but intersped with some numbers and a few words in english, we tried finding our way out of the airport and deciding what to do. It was getting late and our original plan of heading to Hiroshima straight away appeared to be impossible as we were told that no night-trains were operating. Using or JR Railpasses we booked tickes for Osaka instead, hoping to find somewhere to stay once we got there.

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