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December 19, 2004

All done and ready for Christmas!

Living in Trondheim

I think I did ok on my last exam as well, and what a relief it was to have completed them all! Just as much as every semester I guess :-)

As I'm finally all done it's time for Christmas, so the past week has been spent shopping for gifts, baking cookies and cakes and mostly enjoying life. On tuesday both Carina and me are flying to our respective homes, and tonight we are throwing a small X-mas-party for some friends of ours with plenty of christmas goodies for everyone :-)

The yield for our first baking together is: 211 kakemenn, 59 vepsebol, a 40cm Cheesecake, and about a hundred Negerboller. In addition I'll probaly be making quite a few gingerbread-cookies and some home-made marzipan when I get home to my family. It's tradition so I do that every year, but I probably won't build a gingerbread-house from scratch this year like I did in 2001.
( I have no idea what most of these goodies are called in english, but please help me out if you know by leaving a comment! )

December 10, 2004

Two down, one to go

Study all Day

After my first exam on the 30th I have studied plenty the last week-and-a-half for the exam in Access and Transport Networks that I had today. Also on this one I performed above expectations, but I fear I won't be as lucky on the next one. 25mb's of documentation and articles about various Internet-protocols isn't exactly the most entertaining reading I know...

But that is for monday to worry about, for tomorrow is my birthday! Woohoo!
I'm turning 24, but despite it beeing on a saturday for once I'll have to stay inside and read for my exam most of the day. I'll just have to catch up on the partying over christmas, but at least Carina is cooking me a prime steak with creambaked potatoes and fried tomatoes. YuM! And I'm also expecting a couple of surprises during the day, and of course a couple of birthdaygifts :-D

Let's hope it will be a good day!

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