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January 24, 2005

The *best* sunglasses!

From my Point of View

serengetivedi.jpgAfter my operation my eyes got very light-sensitive, and as the doctor recommended that I be careful around direct sunlight the first couple of months and hence would be using sunglasses quite a lot I decided to invest in a decent and comfortable pair. Thanks to online shopping I was able to go for the best of the best, namely Serengeti.
After careful consideration I decided to go with the "Vedi" model, combinded with Strata Green/Gray polarized 555nm glasses. At my local optician they would have cost me 3000 NOK (about $465 USD), but from Sunglasses Cheaper the total only added up to 1100 NOK (about $170 USD), including norwegian sales tax and customs fees.
Even more impressive I recieved my sunglasses by USPS Global Express just 6 days after ordering, which is extremely good service! And at such unbeatable prices there is no longer any reason to buy medium quality sunglasses in stores when you can get top quality ones for just a little bit more.
I'm for one is very happy with my new glasses, and I will recommend buying Serengeti for anyone, as they are without doubt the most comfortable glasses I have tried.

January 19, 2005

New and improved!

Living in Trondheim

Not my webpage layout, yet (I'm working on a new one), but my vision!
Last friday I had PRK laser surgery done on both my eyes hoping to attain perfect vision without using any kinds of lenses. After a weekend of intense pain and itching in my eyes and beeing extremely light sensitive to the point where Carina had to hang blankets over the windows. It all eased up a bit from monday morning and after a checkup today I'm starting to feel quite good as the bandage-lenses on my eyes have been removed and my vision is becoming useable again. The vision on my left eye is still a bit foggy, but I've been cleared to drive and everything will hopefully perfect itself within a couple of months or so! I might not get the full 20/20 vision I'm hoping for but at least I won't have to use glasses for anything other than sunprotection ever again :-)

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January 1, 2005

Happy New Year everyone!

Party all Night

Santa was good to me this year! I got lots of stuff I needed and most of the rest was pretty good as well. I needed some new clothing and hence had written that on the wish-list I sent my parents, with the result beeing that my pile of gifts consisted almost exlusively of clothing after we finished the unwrapping. From one perspective it was great as I got gifts that I wanted and needed, but on the other hand it was a bit boring not having any cool stuff to assemble afterwards...
Memo for next year: Do *not* put clothes on the wish-list even if you need them.

Boxing day was my dads 50th birthday so we had a big dinner for my parents friends, and afterwards my sister and I went to some bars downtown for some fun along with all our friends that also were home for Christmas.

A change from normal this year was that I left for Egersund on the 27th to visit my girlfriends family there, and then went with her by train to Oslo to celebrate New Years Eve. However due to the quake and floodings in Asia we decided not to go to any parties this year, but to instead have a quiet evening at her house and giving the money we would have otherwise spent to charity.
The new year has begun anyways and in a couple of days we will return to Trondheim and everything will be back to normal with more work and studies...
Happy New Year everyone! :-)

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