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February 28, 2005

More downtime

Website Updates

Once again hackers found their way into my server, but this time I had a warning system in place so I was notified immediatly. However despite knowing they were there I was not able to root them out and purge them from the system, nor was I able to find out who it was, so I decided to take the system down until I had more time to figure it out, which is the reason for my webpages unavailablity this weekend. This time I'm using an even more paranoid approach to protect myself so now the server is hopefully safe for a while...

February 17, 2005

All alone again.. for a while.

Living in Trondheim

Carina has returned to Brisbane for yet another semester. Unlike me she is doing most of her degree in Australia, and hence had two semesters left there when I moved back to Trondheim in August last year. After the first of these she came to Trondheim and has been living with me during most of her 4 month summer vacation. But now the vacation is over, and she will be down under for another couple of months finishing up her degree while I'm studying here in Trondheim.

Luckily the distance isn't all that big thanks to free video and voice conversations over the internet, and since it's just a few months we'll manage.
You'll be back here in no time honey :-) <3

February 14, 2005

Strategic planning in Åre

The Travel Channel

This weekend it was time for the biannual Strategic planning weekend for Start NTNU, and this time the location was Åre, the largest alpine ski-resort in Sweden.

It's tradition for Start NTNU to have these gatherings just after new members have been accepted so that they can quickly get to know everybody and feel like part of the team. Also we do a lot of important planning regarding our organization and activity for the next semester as it is a lot easier and more efficient to do it when everybody is focused on the task and together in one place.

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February 6, 2005

Finally at Lerkendal!

Living in Trondheim

After beeing on SiT's waiting list for almost 2 years, it was finally my turn to get a unit at Lerkendal Student Village!
About 2 weeks ago I got the message that I could start moving in on Friday the 4th of March. With a lot of help from Henrik and my girlfriend Carina I got all my stuff packed together and transported down here during thursday and friday, and after we got most of our stuff unpacked yesterday it started to feel like home. It's been a good weekend :-)

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