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May 18, 2005


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Eller kanskje ikke helt... men jeg er ihvertfall på trykk i landets fem største aviser!
På bakgrunn av mitt verv som Nestleder i Nettverksgruppa og som student ved Sivilingeniørstudiet i Kommunikasjonsteknologi ble jeg intervjuet om hvordan livet er for en aktiv og avansert bruker av mulighetene som ligger i å ha bredbåndstilkobling til internett.
Jeg har fått nesten en helsides artikkel i alle, samt visningi nettutgavene til et par av dem. Både Aftenposten og Bergens Tidende gav meg forsideplass, og i tillegg finner du meg i Adresseavisen, Stavanger Aftenblad og Fædrelandsvennen.

Writing in Norwegian today because I am beeing featured in the 5 largest newspapers in Norway talking about broadband usage and features.

May 17, 2005

Hooray for Norway!

Living in Trondheim

norwegian_flag.jpgToday is the Constitution Day of Norway, widely celebrated around the world. No actually it is, but mostly only by Norwegians living abroad, like I did last year when the day was spent in Brisbane.
This year we celebrated in a more traditional student-fashion, by just relaxing at home after the greatest party-day of the year, the night of May 16th! Carina and me had a vorspiel with a small group of our friends over at my place first, plenty of fun with music, wine and beer. We had originally planned a large outdoor BBQ-party, but with 4°C and light rain we decided to cancel and stay indoors. As the midnight hour drew close we packed up and went downtown to party on at Rio, the best latino-club in Trondheim. It was completely packed with people everywhere downtown and as expected it was great fun and we stayed until closing time, and today I have enjoyed myself richly by just beeing lazy. I even bought myself a full liter of strawberry-jelly with vanilla-custard to munch on! YuM! :-)

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