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February 25, 2006

Dry-suit diving during Carnival

The Travel Channel

Since I got back to Trondheim almost two years ago I've been aching to do some more diving, but I preferred to do a course in dry-suit diving first to get a feel of how cold-water diving in Norway is different from doing it in the tropics. However as I'm a busy guy I've been unable to attend any of the courses held by DG until now, but today I've finally been in the water again! (But damn winter diving is cold!)

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February 15, 2006

Valentines day!

Living in Trondheim

Yesterday was the 14th of February, the day to celebrate love in honour of St. Valentine. Carina and I got each other cards (courtesy of Hallmark) and some other small gifts. One was a small übercutesy teddy-bear with a picture of Carina inside a heart on a t-shirt the bear was wearing! <3 Also she made me some cinnamon-cake muffins with chocolate topping and chocolate hearts spelling out "I Love You" on them. Isn't that the cutest thing?
Also to mark it as a really special day I treated Carina to dinner at Cháblis, one of the absolute best resturants in Trondheim where we both had Breast of duck glazed with orange honey, red onion compote, fried mushrooms, chest nut purée, voisin potato and a thyme and red wine sauce. A absolutely delicious meal, despite the hefty not-student-friendly pricetag. Yum!
But the night was not over with this! We had also prepared a delicious dessert with fresh strawberries and spanish cava for when we got home, to be enjoyed with a romantic movie called 'Kvinnen i mitt liv'. The cava was a bottle of Delapierre Glacè semi-seco from Codorníu, a sparkling wine we brought home with us from Gran Canaria, and the movie was quite enjoyable :-)

February 12, 2006

Dead computer walking!

Living in Trondheim

It's aliiive!

My laptop computer Mars died on saturday the 28th of January. It was partly my own fault becuase I bluntly ignored the big warning bells in my head and tried to perform a flash-upgrade of the bios of my video card. The flashing failed however, so after the next reboot my computer was dead as a brick, and as this was a saturday morning I also discovered that Dell customer support is not open during the weekends so I had to wait until monday morning to report the problem.

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February 9, 2006

Strategy and work

The Travel Channel

This weekend Start NTNU held its biannual strategic gathering with all its members, and this time the destination was Fjellværøy, a small island far out in the Trondheimsfjord. Here we stayed at a set of cabins where we had lots of fun and party, and some work with the future goals of Start NTNU on Saturday.

The rest of my time lately has been spent working at all my other various tasks. I've just started writing my masters thesis, i'm writing a business plan for Venture Cup, we're trying to get sponsors for Gründerskolen and I've still got both my part-time job at Lefdal and my tasks with Start NTNU and NVG, so I'm quite busy these days. Hopefully things will calm down later this semester, but I doubt it...

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