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May 30, 2006

Cleaning and packing

Living in Trondheim

Wow. The past weeks I have just been crazy busy! After turning in my master's thesis and completing my degree on monday the 22nd its all been about packing all my stuff, both what I will bring with me to California and everything else that had to be stashed in a garage in Trondheim over the summer. In addition we had to pack Carina's stuff and also clean out the entire apartment, meet up with my friends to say goodbye and get all of my other stuff in order before leaving.

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May 19, 2006

Master's thesis and travel preparations

Study all Day

All of May has been a complete continious blur for me. I've been writing days and nights to finish up my Master's thesis, and in addition there has been lots of little details to prepare for my trip to the states. However it's currently looking very good for me and I'm on schedule to finish and hand it in next friday!

That at least is a weight of my shoulders because as usual everything else hasen't been going as smoothly as I had hoped. I've ordered both the Nokia N80 cellphone and a Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox N560 pda, and since both are brand new products just shipping for the first time this month I'm getting woried that everything won't be delivered in time for my departure on June 1st, and that would cause me a lot of hassle to get them forwarded to me in California.
And then of course there has been issues with travel insurance, health-care coverage, scholarship payments, tax refunds, getting an international drivers license, doing the paperwork required for housing, internship employment and car rentals, handling sponsorship applications, organizing weekend-trips and last but not least preparing to pack what I need and move out of this apartment!

So it's no wonder it's been a blur! Neither Carina or I even had the time to socialize or go downtown on Norways constitution day, the 17th of May, but we'll have to make up for that by throwing a goodbye-party just before we leave. Perhaps we'll get to try out the new BBQ-area thats been built just outside here if the weather allows! :-)

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