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December 21, 2006

Christmas season

Working in Oslo

And just like that another December has nearly passed. It is time for Christmas vacation and soon a new year will be upon us. Time really flies these days since I've started working, despite me having every evening to myself since Carina is studying in Brussels. Of course I'm usually having lots of stuff on my evening schedule, and when I don't there is always more than enough interesting things on the Internet to keep me busy and keep that time flying. Not to mention that the time before Christmas as always have been filled with Christmas-parties, gingerbread cookies and lots and lots of work of course. The best part of this December however has been not having to study for any exams, something that I had hoped would free up a great deal of time, but business projects apparently keep their deadlines close to major holidays too, so there has been plenty of work available to fill all my hours.

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December 3, 2006

Christmas market in Brussels

The Travel Channel

It's closing in on Christmas, and I have just been on my my final weekend trip to Brussels this year. This highlight of this trip was the opening of the annual Christmas Market in downtown Brussels, as is the annual tradition on this first weekend of December. As usual I got on a flight there right after work on Friday, and being tired from a week at work I headed straight to Carina's apartment in Ixelles when I arrived in the evening, leaving the fun of exploring the markets for the next day.

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December 1, 2006

Just everyday life for a while

Working in Oslo

After leading the busy life of a globetrotter for a good while now, the past month has been comparatively quiet. It has also been my first taste of mostly everyday life with a job every morning and nothing but dinner on my regular schedule every night.
Thats not to say I haven't been doing anything of course, there's been plenty of stuff to fill my nights, just nothing very out of the ordinary. Most notably my girlfriend Carina has been visiting for more than a week, so we've had several dinners with her family at our place, their place and most notably at the Pakistani restaurant Haveli at Skøyen. A real treat for the tastebuds :-)
Also I've spent a weekend visiting Carina in Brussels, but I wasn't feeling well, so other than a little shopping downtown we spent most of the weekend hanging out in her studio apartment, with me reading Joseph Hellers "Catch-22". Oh the irony... but a good book nonetheless.
Yossarian lives!

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