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October 1, 2004

New url for a new life

Since I moved away from Brisbane in June the address of this site has been a bit misleading, so effective from October 2005 the address to my main blog is:

The index file of will now bring you to the category overview for "Brisbane Daily Life" postings. All other links to the old address will still work, and the design of Australia-related pages will still be summerly. The other pages will sometime in the future get a new feel and design that is more in line with my current life and location.

June 30, 2004

Ready to go...

The last couple of days have been really stressfull. I had to say goodbye to everyone, finish up a late assignment, complete my final exam, sell my furniture, pack my stuff, clean my apartment and organize the trip home. It's been a lot of work but now I'm finally done!
But now all my furniture is sold off, the apartment is cleaned out and vacated and I got done most of the things I wanted to do. I spent one day at Stradbroke Island with Carina and then another day with her at the Gold Coast, walking along the beach and shopping in Surfers Paradise and at the Pacific Fare mall. The trainrides were good for studying to my final exam, and after it I even managed to go a couple of hours at the end of semester party at the Port Office Hotel, to do final goodbyes with everyone! And tomorrow morning, Carina and I will be getting on a plane bound for Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan!
It's going to be so much fun!!! ^_^

June 24, 2004

YaY! I found it!

After getting increasingly frustrated and started looking into if there is any of my insurances that would cover the loss of my cellphone, my mother told me the phone had been answered by a man when she tried calling me a bit earlier. I had tried calling my phone a couple of times before without getting an answer, which was to be expected as it was set to silent after having been to the movies, but after hearing this news I immediatly tried calling my phone, and the taxi-driver answered!

It turned out that the phone had fallen out of my pocket in the taxi we took home from the movies, and he had just found it while cleaning his car. He wanted to give it back, but didn't know how and was worried that the battery might run out before he got in touch with me. Luckily it didn't, so I paid the taxi-fare for him to drive the phone to me here at Cathedral. $16 AUD is a small price to pay to get a $500 phone returned, and it saved me a lot of trouble and paperwork. Thank you very much unknown taxi-driver!

This means that my Australian number is active again, but only until the 1st of July when I leave the country for good. Just one exam left now!

June 17, 2004

Telstra -Amazingly bad Broadband

Yesterday I called my ADSL provider to set up cancelletion of service for when I'm moving back home in two weeks. They confirmed that my currently paid period expires the 30th of June, and sent a message to Telstra to disconnect my ADSL at this date. This morning I woke up to find my internet connection dead, and after a few hours the dsl-link light on my modem turned dark.

Usually Telstra needs 10 days to connect a service, and according to WebAce they usually need about the same time to disconnect something. What I can't understand then, is how on earth they managed to disconnect me within hours of them opening this morning, especially since it weren't supposed to happen for another two weeks ?!?
I knew Telstra was bad, but I really had NO idea...

Of course this had to happen on just the day I need internet the most to test a web-proxy server I had to write for a Perl Assignment. So now I'm stuck with the even worse dial-up services from QUT, which doesn't even allow me to use MSN or check my e-mail twice without restarting the program. *sigh*

May 30, 2004

ScanOZ 2004

To create better understanding between students and employers in Norway and Australia a subcommittee of ANSA was created to hold a career day / conference to allow for the creation of connections and to give the parties a chance to meet and learn from each other.
After a year of hard work by the ScanOZ commitee the conference finally took place yesterday, a full day with seminars, information-stands and food at QUT's School of Business.

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May 26, 2004

In the end we got chinese...

Today me and Carina wanted to go eat at a resturant as it is two months since we met. Carina wanted to have indian food and had looked up the addresses of three indian resturants in the Fortitude Valley area, so we set off to find one of them. It took a bit of walking around, but after 45 minutes we had successfully verified that all three resturants no longer existed...
A Tibetian resturant we passed looked promising, but as we were starting to get really hungry we didn't care to walk all the way back to it and ended our search by going to the Golden Palace chinese resturant in Chinatown.
The food there was really great, and there were lots of it! We could easily have made due with a single dish of either the 'Duck in plum sauce' or 'Beef in Szechuan sauce' which we ordered, but since we had both we were *really* full when we left.

May 16, 2004

Assignment work, parties and some movies

Work, work, and more work. There seems to be no end to it, but now I've at least completed most of my assignments, and gotten well underway with both my job and my project. I do however fear I don't have enough time to complete the latter, but I'll just have to keep at it and hope it all works out in the end.

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May 4, 2004

Still keeping busy

Carina & SveinI was hoping the worst workload would pass just after my last entry, but it appears I was wrong. There's been lots to do the last week-and-a-half as well with my both my project and my job, and I've got another mid-term coming up on saturday followed by an assignment due the 17th of May. It's all a bit boring and longwinded despite most of it beeing very interesting, but I guess I just have to hang in there and get it all done. In addition I'm almost out of money now, so thank god that the exhange-rate has finally dropped below 5:1 again! WooHoo!!

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April 24, 2004

The busy-weeks are almost over

After returning from New Zealand last friday I knew I had a hectic schedule for the next two weeks, but I didn't know how hectic until I got the flu as well...
There was both an advanced divers course, two assignments, two mid-term exams, lots of project work and my new job to take care of. Plenty more than I appreciated, but now I'm almost done with everything!

For those awaiting a travelentry from New Zealand, I promise it'll be up soon! Due to my workload I haven't had time to finish it yet, but it's on its way and will have heaps of pictures! It's about half-done, so expect it online in a couple of days.

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April 6, 2004


I didn't really get to do as much work on my assignments as planned last week, and ended up going out both thursday and friday, but after a bit of effort both yesterday and on saturday I'm more or less where I need to be with my work, which is good as I'm leaving for New Zealand in just a couple of hours!

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March 30, 2004

A good party before a busy week

This saturday was another good long day, just like last week, starting out with me having dinner and watching "Big Fish" with Benedicte. The movie was really nice, a welcome change from all the action and horror movies I've seen lately, but still with a decent story and the classic happy ending, and of course the company was great :-)

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March 24, 2004

Fun and friendly excercise

devils.jpgTommy has recently gotten in touch with some guys playing Indoor-Bandy(aka. Floorball) here in Brisbane, so today I joined him there to get some excercise and have some fun. This appears to be the only organized Indoor-Bandy group in Queensland, and they are just getting started so its all still on the friendly level without any of that unhealthy seriousness of competition. We are playing every Wednesday at 6:30 in the gym at All Hallows school, just across the road from Cathedral Place in the Valley. If you want to join us for a game it is just a matter of showing up in suitable clothing with $5 for the gym-rent, and you are set to play!

March 21, 2004

One long day

bunk.gifYesterday was awesome!
Got up real early to catch high-tide at Tweed River with the PADI-course. Everything went smoothly with out two dives and the exam afterwards, so now I'm finally a certified open-water diver! We managed to squeeze in both dives at high-tide, so we could finish up early and get back to Brisbane which meant I just had a change of clothing and then went to the Swedish Society pool-party at Bunk! Not too many people had showed up, but with Geoff, Tommy and Rune around we had plenty of fun!

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March 13, 2004

Open Water Diving

padi.gifToday we did our two first Open Water dives, in Tweed River at the Gold-Coast just across the border to New-South Wales. Since the river is greatly affected by the tides, we could only dive right when the tides changed. Since the low-tide change occured at 8:30a.m we had to get up at 5a.m in the morning if we were to be ready when the tide turned, *yawn*.

We had to get in the water from some rocks at a molo, and of course I managed to cut several fingers when crawling down. I quickly decided that I needed to get me some divers-gloves, so when we were re-filling our air-tanks at a diveshop between the dives I bought a pair of Mirage Honeycomb gloves. Not only was the price really good to start with, but I even got 25% off since we were training with QUT-UWC!

The dives were nothing special, with the first one having lousy visibility as it was low-tide, but it really didn't matter as we only practiced some skills. The second one was a quite good adventure dive, but only lasted about 20 minutes. Nevertheless, diving is fun! and next saturday we'll do the two final dives needed to get certified! :-D

March 8, 2004

Fårikål and Film

faarikaal.jpgToday I got together with Runar to make a traditional Norwegian dish: Fårikål, which translated to english is Mutton in cabbage. It's real easy to make, you just put lamb and cabbage in layers with flour salt and pepper in a big casserole, and cook it for 2-3 hours. Serve with cooked potates and enjoy! I really like it, but it turned out that Australia is a bit too hot for this kind of fatty and solid meals. Especially now with summer temperatures around 35 degrees, you really want to eat something a bit lighter then...

After dinner I went to the Network Services lecture which I really enjoyed last week, but of course the lecturer was a new one, and one that sucked. This of course means that I could just as well read the lecture notes at home, so I left and went to see 'Once upon a time in Mexico' instead. Great movie! Lots of fun and good action, but a bit too tightly cut so the story was somewhat hard to follow. Still a definate recommendation if you liked El Mariachi and Desperado.

March 7, 2004

Dead tired!

padi.gifThe last couple of days have been really packed, starting with lots of lectures in the beginning of the week, then the scandinavian pub crawl, then Team Antonsen stand-up on friday with a short afterparty, before I yesterday morning had to get up at 7a.m to go diving. We were to have a training session in the Yeronga Swimming Pool, to acquire all the neccessary skills before going out in real open water. It was a lot of fun actually, but it took a long time so we ended up spending about 8 hours mostly in the water near the surface, doing lots of swimming and various skills. After such a day you are usually quite beat, but in addition it was really sunny so we also got a good sunburn that makes lieing on your back a -real- pleasure. Sunblock doesn't really work when you are in the water all the time, but I guess thats the price to pay for getting certified down here. At least I don't have any plans today except relaxing at home and maybe watching a movie with some friends later!

February 25, 2004

Another day on the sea

sailing.jpgStaying home all the time gets boring after a while, so today me, Thomas and Emma took the train out to Manly to join in on the wednesday regatta they hold at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, which is the correct name for the yachtclub where I sailed with Benedicte in November.

It was a beautiful day to sail, despite some clouds in the morning we had plenty of sun and a good breeze most of the day. It was a relaxing sail without all the stress of rough weather, and there even was a short while where the wind died completely down so we lay all still. I don't know the results from the regatta, but I think we did quite well as we didn't get passed by very many other boats. No matter how we did I had a wonderful day, but I'm really tired from all the fresh-air, so I'll be going to bed early tonight...

February 24, 2004

Ready, set, dive!

padi.gifAs I didn't really know about any diving-stores in the area, I called Rune and asked if he wanted to take me to one (lucky guy has got a car down here!). He agreed and took me and Are to ProDive so that we could accessorise before our diving-course starts this saturday. We both needed fins, mask, snorkel, a wetsuit and a weightbelt. The two latter is kind of expensive so we'll just rent those when we need to, but the rest we had to get. I even had a bit of luck as Rune was selling off his own equipment, so I got some state-of-the-art stuff for a really good price. Despite this it still turned out more costly than I had anticipated, setting me back about $400 AUD all in all. But that really doesn't matter if I get superior performance when I go underwater :-)

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February 16, 2004

Movies and Bunk

bunk.gifLast thursday Are returned to Brissie, and since he don't have anywhere to stay he is crashing at my place until he can find something suitable. He has also signed up for the same PADI Open Water diving course as me, so that should be qute a bit of fun. The action starts the 28th!

There isn't really much to do these days, so we have been at the movies several times lately, seeing amongst others "Timeline", "Torque" and "Somethings Gotta Give". And when we returned home after the latter, we ended up watching "Swordfish" and "The Last Boyscout" on the telly. We're kindof addicted it seems :P
Not that any of the movies were really good either. Out of the new ones the only one deserving of mention at all is "Somethings Gotta Give", who had a few good one-liners. The rest of them was just plain medicore. I hope there will be an upswing in good movies sometime soon.. perhaps with the release of "Troy"?

Valentines Day wasn't anything special. Tommy joined us at the movies and later me and him went over to Bunk, a new backpackers bar just across the street. Cool place, but it wasn't very crowded so we moved on to some other bars around the Valley instead. So it was all more or less like a regular saturday night out.

But now I'm going to start reading in my diving-book, have to get through all of it before the course starts, and its all fun as well! :-D

February 8, 2004

Unterresting days

Nothing much have been happening lately. The days just pass while I plan out what to do. I hope I can squeeze in a week in Melbourne soon, but time is running out as I'm starting the PADI course for my diving license on the 28th. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to get my divers medical, just pray it goes well. Also I need to send my drivers licence to the norwegian embassy to have it translated, which in turn enables me to get a learners license for motorbikes so I can sign up for a Q-ride course.

There was a big party on thursday as Stina had finished her last summer-exam, so they had a BBQ with heaps of people down at River Place, complete with a party in their apartment and then going out to the Valley afterwards.
Lots of fun :)

The only other things I've done lately is join Orkut, setting up a good profile and some communities there, and started to play Transport Tycoon again. Oh and I went to the movies with Thomas and Emma yesterday to see "Underworld". It was a really cool movie, but it could have been so much more with a better script. It was bad because it took too long to get into the story, and there was all these parts in between that made no sense at all. Also the head-chopping sequence at the end was too far-fetched even from the world-view presented in the movie, so that part get thumbs-down from me.

And now I'm thinking of going downtown to see another movie.. now if only Stina would return my call soon so I know if they will come or not...

February 2, 2004

It's raining

Today it is dripping from the skies. Not much, just a slow drizzle, but its been going on for hours which is a bit unusual. Most nights we get a dreadful rainstorm, with tons and tons of water just pouring down, but then it tends to last just half-an-hour or so.
Last sunday I went out to sit in the spa during the worst rain, just because. I was annoyed that it had drenched me when I was on my way to Runy & Tommy's coctail party, so I just did it to feel good.
Then this sunday I was out in the spa, and in less than 3 minutes it went from partly-cloudy and sunny to the worst rainstorm ever. It was like someone had dropped the ocean on top of us, but after 15-20 minutes it all stopped, and before long the sun peeked through the clouds and everthing was beatiful again. Really strange this weather down here.

December 18, 2003

Moving, drinking and getting ready for X-mas!

The last week I have been a tad more busy than usual, but now things are coming together and christmas is soon upon us. I've finally signed all the papers required for my move to Cathedral Place, paid rent for january, dusted off the furniture I got from Are, and bought sheets and a quilt-set for my new Queen-sized bed. Over the weekend I'll start transporting most of my stuff up there getting ready to move in permanently on christmas day.

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December 11, 2003


marsipangris.jpgWoohoo! Today I'm 23 years old. YaY! :-D
In the big box I got when I returned there was one gift marked for my birthday, and it contained a marzipan-pig my parents smuggled through customs! YuMmEY! Gotta love them!
Been cleaning up a bit here now, and I have just been downtown to buy lots of beer and chips. But *puh* it's too hot to be doing all this work today, so I need another shower now as a couple of friends are coming over later for some alcohol-induced socialising :-)

December 10, 2003

Preparing to move

During christmas I will be moving in with Benedicte at Cathedral Place, but as the apartment is unfurnished I would have to acquire some furniture for my room. Luckily I mentioned this when watching Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: Extended Edition with Are a week before we went to Tasmania. It turned out that they has lots of stuff in the house where he lives that they were going to get rid of before he goes back to Norway on the 12th, so today I called Yellow Couriers and got myself a queensize-bed, a desk and a bookshelf for free! Talk about beeing in the right place at the right time :-)
I stashed everything into my room-to-be, and have now started on the paperwork involved before I can officially move in.

It's going to be great moving closer to the Valley and be living just 2-3 blocks away from Chinatown, Brunswick Train Station, supermarkets, and heaps of bars and resturants. Where I'm living now its 5 blocks to wherever, and even further to most places with no buses very close. The city will of course be further away than it is now, but there is always the free-bus loop that can take me to Uni or the Mall should the need arise.

Btw. does anyone have an office/desk-chair for sale?

December 3, 2003

Travelling again

After weeks of slacking under the Brisbane-sun it is now time to do some more travelling. I can't waste my short time in Australia by sitting home all year, so tomorrow morning I'm flying out to Tasmania with Are, where we will rent a car and spend a week driving around and taking in the sights, sounds, and beer of this island state south of Victoria.
I'll come back with pictures and another tale from this strange land down under sometime next week, so enjoy yourselves with all your christmas preparations until then! :-)

November 26, 2003


Today I joined Benedicte and Cathrine on a trip out to the Brisbane Yacht Club in Manly. Every wednesday they have free sailing and BBQ for anyone who wants to come, just show up and get assigned to a boat in which you race for a couple of hours before returning to the Club for an Aussie-BBQ.
It was a great trip, especially since the weather was a bit rough with large waves and quite powerful winds while the sun shone from a blue sky. We all got soaked good by the splashes, and after sitting in the chilling wind for several hours it was wonderful to get home and have a long warm shower... as is usual after getting soaked :-)

November 10, 2003


As I've now finished all my studies this semester I have finally got time to edit some of the video I've taped the past 8 months... the first one out is "A day at the Beach", a selection of video memories from a weekend in August. It can be downloaded from the Moviesection, now in WM8-format as Adobe Premiere Pro had a nice export function for it. Enjoy:)

October 11, 2003

Fatigue and bad things

Early this week when I expected to be fully rested after my vacation, I still needed lots of sleep and felt exhausted most of the time. Then suddenly on Wednesday I felt an aching pain in my stommach, and when it did not subside overnight I took a taxi to a hospital. It turned out that my appendix had started acting up so they prepped me for operation and removed it a few hours later.
Everything turned out well, so except for me having lots of holes in my stommach and having to keep somewhat calm for the next 4 weeks I'm once again well and alive :-) And now I must work on assignments...

September 23, 2003

Finally Springbreak!

And thus the day has finally arrived. I've completed all the assignments that were due for this week, and some of those due for the week after I get back, and now my bags are packed and I'm ready to go!

The bus leaves Brisbane at 9a.m so I'm off to bed now, but I'll post a detailed travel-diary-thingie when I get back! Have a nice vacation everyone! :-)

September 21, 2003

Sneaker trouble

As I am going on the Extreme Adventures trip on tuesday morning, I needed to get some new stuff to get ready. First of all a travel-bag was required, and I am now the not-very-proud owner of a nice black Sportec-bag worth $15.
Last wednesday I was playing basketball up in New Farm when the sole on one of my old sneakers fell off, so this means a new pair were in order, preferrably before departure, but that was easier said than done.

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September 19, 2003

Cinematic bliss

Pirates skullLately I have been working a lot on my assignments to have them ready before departing on my springbreak adventure, but in between one needs to relax and as this fall have had an abdunance of great movie releases I can't find a better way than watching them on the big screen :)

On tuesday I discovered that the last showing of "Finding Nemo" was coming up, so I scrambeled to catch it while I could. And I'm glad I did, for it was quite amazing. For with a good story and even humourous for adults it stands among all the great Disney movies that have been made lately (of which "The Emperors New Groove" is a definite number 1).

Then today Are tried to get a group along with him to see "Pirates of the Caribbean", and as ignoring a good chance when it comes is a bad thing, I gladly joined in on the fun. The movie was great! Lots of swashbuckling action and I really got the urge to play "Sea Dogs II" (aka. "Pirates of the Caribbean".. go figure). Thats not to say there weren't a couple of boring scenes in between, but overall I had a good time with lots of laughs!

Coming up next is a wide range of adventurous action movies, including: "Bad Boys II", "Tomb Raider II: The Cradle of Life", "S.W.A.T.", "Underworld", "Kill Bill", "Desperado 3: Once upon a time in Mexico", "The Last Samurai", "Matrix Revolutions" and last, but likely to be the grandest of them all, the final installment in the Lord of the Rings trilogy: "The Return of the King".

September 10, 2003

One hot day!

SunToday have been *really* hot! Its the first time since I got here that the shadow temperature have risen above 30°C, so we are starting to feel the summer approaching quickly.
As it have been a beatiful day with the sun shining and all I've walked around campus and the botanical gardens taking some pictures. I will soon put some of them up in the entry about QUT. Then when I got home I actually turned on the aircondition in our apartment for the first time since we moved in! The cool air inside is really nice already now, so I definitively think it will be worth its price when temperatures peak during november and december.

September 9, 2003

Dinner and a movie

Today I ran into Emil, Helle and Susanne on campus after finishing some groupwork on my network planning assignment. They were going to have dinner at an italian resturant, and since I hadn't had dinner yet I just joined them instead of going home. We had a nice pasta-meal with salmon and capers, and it would have been even better if I had remembered the Parmesan cheese before I finished my plate...
Afterwards we went to the Myer-centre cinemas to see "The Italian Job", which was ok but a bit plain. I kept getting the feeling that I had seen it before as the story was simliar to a lot of other movies about high-class thieves. Not a movie I'll remember for long, but as always it performs excellent as easy entertainment.

September 4, 2003

Poor and happy!

I actually managed to round up 3-4 others that were interested in the diving course I mentioned yesterday, but none of them could say for certain that they wanted to come along, or even if they could! For me this spells out that some of them are going to decline when the time comes to order the trip, so even of there were any spots left we'd be to few to go (due to the shared cost of renting a car). In this situation it would both be too late to find someone else to go with as well as to book another trip, so this morning I threw caution to the wind and ordered the Extreme Adventures "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!".

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September 3, 2003

What to do for SpringBreak

Springbreak is coming up in less than a month, and I haven't given it much thought until I suddenly discovered that most trips are now fully booked and almost everyone I know have made plans already. Gaah!
Since staying in Brisbane would be insanely boring I quickly started looking at my options yesterday. What I really want to do is to go on the Queensland-coast trip from Extreme Adventures, but it is starting at $1400 not including the return trip from Cairns or sky-diving, so the price is a bit too steep, and I'd rather find something else. Monica, Simen, Thomas and a bunch of other people is going to sail the Whitsundays and drive around Fraiser Island, but they have already booked the trip and their group is most likely full. Christine is going to NZ with her boyfriend, and this is Jannes plan as well. Susanne booked a trip to Bali long ago with some friends, and the Danish girls are going to Sydney. Most of the other people I have talked to are just spending the week on the beach to save money, while a few others doesn't have any plans to travel at all.

The thing I am most eager to do is to gather up a group of people, rent a car and drive to Airlie Beach for a 5 day diving course to get the PADI Open Water Diving-license. The problem is I'm running out of people I know who would want to go, so if anyone reading this in Brisbane wanna come along on a trip like that, please do tell me about it!

August 15, 2003

Birthday, Ekka and soon The 2003 International Ball

I'm sitting here trying to think what I have done this week. It doesn't come to me easy today.
Let's start with tuesday then. First school, then BBQ/birthday party for Monica and John up in Roma Street Parklands. When we first arrived, there were a confirmation or something. At least there were many well dressed people eating, taking photographs and stuff. And then comes the Norwegians and Americans with heaps of cheap beer and burgers. I hope we didn't ruin their evening too much. On the other side of us there were heaps of crazy Japanese people, and amongst them one german guy. After some time a few of them had couriage enough to come over and ask if they could take a few pictures with us. I've learned some Japanese, and that is that a few means A LOT in Japan! Then Simen, Kim and I wanted to have some fun with them, and went over and asked them if we could take a picture of us amongst them. As a result of that I think there are a 100 pictures of us to be found in at least 30 Japanese photocollections. After that, our Japanese friends got a bit more couriage and came over to talk with us. "Yu Aussie? Yu teach mi inglish? You could see their hearts break when I told them I wasn't an Aussie.

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August 10, 2003

Do a got a lot to tell you?!?

Let's start with thursday. Us at SCA went to see American Pie: The Wedding with about half of the swedish and norwegian society. The film was just as premature as the two previous ones, but good fun on a boring day.
Then we went to Port Office to have one or two beers. You know how it usually goes :P And to make it all a hole lot easier to just have that "one beer", it was "two-for-one" in the bar. I think I stopped on 5 and Thomas2 stopped after a few, but I don't think Svein ever stopped. Not until the bar closed. Give me a D! Give me an R! Give me an U! Give me a N! Give me a K! Do the spelling your self. But I guess we all reach that point once in a while.

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August 9, 2003

Beachfun and relaxation

Monica, Simen and Thomas buried in the sand
Last night was spent relaxing after Thursday-night by going to another festival-film, namely a spanish one called Intacto. This was mostly due to us having planned a trip to a beach at the Sunshine Coast early today. As planned, we got up early and boarded a northbound train along with Simen and Monica.

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August 4, 2003


So far we have been partying quite a bit in Brisbane, but we haven't been very much up in the Valley, so this friday we got together with the gang and went to Belushis. The place was nothing special, but somehow lots of other norwegians had found their way there this night as well, so it was quite fun even if it was somewhat eventless. Afterwards the three of us actually walked back to Southbank. It is a refreshing trip after a night partying, beeing at least a 45 minute hike through central Brisbane.

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Beach & Birthday

Ok, yesterday (sunday), Flo, Thomas2 and I went to Surfers Paradise. It was a bit cold and windy at first, but it got better.
We lay inn the sun, played some ball and took a swim. As it is winter here now, there weren't too many people on the beach, and espesially not in the water. But we thought the water was quite warm. And damn there's much power in those waves. If you didn't watch out, they closed down over you and slammed you to the bottom, no chance at all too fight it then.

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August 3, 2003

Yet another day

Ok, I'm back! And aren't you all very excited?
Hmm-m? Last time we had been deep into the Australian jungle, fighting off tigers, zebras, killerwhales and that god damn Skippy, right? We didn't find Mowgli though, too bad. What have we been up to after that then?

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August 1, 2003

Movienight at Susannes

After my lectures ended last night I had been thinking about going to the Port Office as they have two drinks for the price of one all night on thursdays. But instead I went up to New Farm to visit Susanne (.no). We ended up just watching a bunch of movies along with Helene (her roomie), Grethe and some lazy oz-guy. First we saw The Gift, which is a thriller about a murder and some stuff. It was an ok movie, at least in comparison to the next one we watched: Anaconda. I frankly don't think I have ever seen anything more ridiculous or a worse excuse for a thriller. My expecations were low to start out, but it managed to be worse than I could ever have imagined. Despite this we still watched all of it.. didn't really have anything better to do. Afterwards we just lay in a couch talking and flipping tv-channels. As usual at nighttime there was nothing viewable on.. so it was mostly talking.
It was nice getting to know you Susanne :) *hugs*

July 30, 2003

Architectural Chaos

Brisbane City ViewBrisbane isn't really a pretty city. This is partly due to that none of the architects designing buildings here have ever considererd that there actually will be other buildings next to the one they are planning, so all the buildings have its own style and is totally out of synch with the rest of the city.

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July 29, 2003

Class schedule & The Ultimate Sub.

SubWay subsToday has been a lazy day. Sleeping late, slacking a bit, reading up on some lecture-notes, getting some groceries from Coles Express, eating a sub and a couple of triple-choc-cookies.

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July 27, 2003

The day after the rain forest excursion

Hi again.
As written in the title, it's the day after the rain forest excursion. Sooo, want me to tell you anything about the trip then? No, you don't? Well, I'm gonna do it to you anyway!
I actually made it up at 6am, ok 6:45am, but still. It was early, and it was freezing cold! We, the three guys at SCA, dressed up in nice and warm shorts and shirts, thinking that it really was freezing cold, but it was early and the first rays of the new rising sun where probably just minutes away. It took a lot longer than that....

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July 25, 2003

My very first entry....

I really don't know who, if anyone is reading this, but for the record...I'm Thomas Torgersen, I'm 20 years old and for the moment I'm living in Brisbane, Australia ,with Svein-Magnus *insert funny name* Sørensen and Thomas *insert funny name* Kjelsrud. I'm taking bachelor of Creative Industries; Media and Communication at Queensland University of Technology.
This is my first blog entry, and it's kind of late, and we have to get up around 6 or something tomorrow, 'cause we're going on a trip, that no one has even the slightest idea of what's about, to the Australian jungle with 4 danish students we hardly know. Sounds like a hole lotta fun to me!

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Wireless Bliss

Our wireless routerYesterday, before we went to the Down Under party, we stopped by Harvey Norman and bought a wireless gateway router. After careful consideration I found the Belkin 54g GW/Router to be the best choice, both considering price and specs. This morning I installed it in a closet ready for wireless internetsharing and networking. So far I'm really happy with it, and finally both the Thomases are online and can start blogging here.

July 23, 2003


Have you had trouble reaching me from Norway by phone? Problem is now solved, you just have to remove the first 0 from the phonenumber, as it is only intended for local use. This makes my number +61 41516 9508. Try it :)

Also I've finally been able to order a landline subscription from Telstra. It will be installed on wednesday, and then we can *finally* order a decent ADSL service down here. Just two weeks to go :)

Eating out

Sine & Svein-Magnus & SusanneToday I had my first tutorial, and one more boring lecture in network planning, so I left early and joined up with Sine, Susanne, Helle, Emil and a german they have met for dinner. The german guy have been 4 years in Brisbane, so he took us to a Thai-resturant in West End that he knew of. The food was very good, except it had too many vegtables for my taste. After dinner we went to a bar nearby to get a few beers and play some pool before turning home and calling it a day.

July 21, 2003

A night at the Movies

Lately we have been catching quite a few films at the Myer Center cinema. Last weekend the three of us here at SCA saw 2 Fast 2 Furious, yesterday we went to Bruce Almighty with the 3 danish girls I met at the rivercruise. And today we had some time to kill and decided to go watch Terminator 3. It wasn't really a great movie, especially as it had funny parts which killed the seriousness and tension which the two previous Terminator-movies had. But all in all it was a good closing for the trilogy, wrapping everything up quite nicely. It is if course a must see, at least for those who've seen the first two, but don't get your hopes up for anything other than the CG-FX.

July 15, 2003

A morning swim

Today was quite sunny, so after getting up around noon I went up to the pool with TFT for a morning swim. The water is still a bit chilly tho, I guess they don't heat the pool in wintertime as not very many people use it, but it was refreshing nonetheless!
And now its just about time for a shower before I'll walk over to Gardens Point for my first lecture. I really hate that all my classes are from 5 to 9 in the evening, but as I've only got classes on tuesdays and thursdays it is not as bad as it sounds. The bad part is that thursdays are the primary night out for students here, so for me they are going to be a bit stressful.

July 14, 2003

A nice day

Today was first day of lectures, but mine doesn't start until tomorrow so I just walked around campus enjoying myself, and applied for a couple of projects. Afterwards I met up with Christine and had pizza with her and a friend at Southbank. It was really nice, and so was spending the evening over at Simone's place getting to know her. I'm really getting to like Brisbane :)

July 9, 2003


It would be quite expensive to keep calling from my norwegian cellphone while staying down under, so today I stopped by the various phonecompanies on my way home and ended up getting myself a Vodafone pre-paid subscription.
Even with that one it is costy to call people, but at least it is cheaper than routing all the calls through Norway. The good part is that Vodafone strangely enough charges more for local calls in Australia than for international calls to Norway, so now I can even call people back home without facing economic ruin!
Anyway, my new phonenumber is +61 415 1695 08, so stay in touch! :)

There *is* a free lunch.

As Laurie is leaving today we started the day off by going to the Roma Street Parklands, just to have seen the last of the attractions in Brisbane city. It was nice but I think Southbank is better. Its more 'human' and not as much of a museum for living plants. Afterwards we went over to Gardens Point campus where both the Student Guild and the International Student Section held free lunches for new students, which is my favorite sort of food (the part that it is free of course).

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July 6, 2003

Shopping frenzy

As we just moved into a new apartment and didn't bring any of our stuff from Norway we needed lots of kitchenware and stuff. So today we went to Big-W and got frying pans, kitchenware, laundrybaskets, and everything else we might possibly be needing.

July 4, 2003

Living at Southbank

Finally I've moved into our apartment at Southbank Campus Apartments. In half an hour I'll be going over to the trainstation to pick up Thomas&Thomas and give them a tour of the city. I've even got an internet connection up and running, tho its with a 250mb download limit per month, which is just plain ridiculous. But its just a temporary solution until we can get an 1.5mbit unlimited connection installed, so I'll manage until then.

July 2, 2003


I thought I was moving to the country where the sun always shines, but right now there is a rainstorm outside. Its pouring down!
Ok, ok I know its supposed to be 'winter' here now, so I shouldn't expect to get nothing but sunshine, but I must have gotten my hopes up after spending 4 days in Singapore and then having the sun from a blue sky when I arrived here as well. At least the rainy days are really nice for laying with my laptop on a couch and just listening to the weather.

July 1, 2003

Finally got it

Today I got the package I was trying to pick up yesterday. It still took nearly a couple of hours and got me a $60 taxi bill. *sigh* Typical Australian to do stuff in a really complicated way..

I just left it down at the Southbank apartment, as the two Thomas'es will arrive on Thursday and we'll all move in there then. That'll be really nice, and as its located in the middle of the city we won't need to use taxis og busses very much, so which will save us a bit of money.
But now: Lasagne for dinner and Sopranos on DVD.

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