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May 30, 2006

Cleaning and packing

Wow. The past weeks I have just been crazy busy! After turning in my master's thesis and completing my degree on monday the 22nd its all been about packing all my stuff, both what I will bring with me to California and everything else that had to be stashed in a garage in Trondheim over the summer. In addition we had to pack Carina's stuff and also clean out the entire apartment, meet up with my friends to say goodbye and get all of my other stuff in order before leaving.

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April 30, 2006

Disappointed and Blissful

I didn't get the apartment.. it turned out that someone else wanted it too and they were preprared to pay more than its fair value to get it. It's a bitch but at least I saved about two million norwegian kroner... and perhaps I'll find something thats even nicer when I get down to Oslo in person to search.
Also a small thing like that can't ruin my mood, because the dinner with the Fantasi-group at Emilies on friday was absolutely fabulous! 6 courses of high-class french cuisine and in addition a couple of appetizers and an extended wine-menu with the taste of heaven. It was without doubt one of the best meals I've ever had (and I've actually had quite a few that come close)!

I'd tell you what was on the menu but everything was just so perfectly amazing that in my state of bliss I didn't remember to grab a copy, and remembering the fancy names of all the dishes and side-orders is completely beyond me. Also they change the menu every week, so you can't have it anyway. But go there to eat if you ever have the chance! It is without a doubt my favorite resturant in the Norway, bar none!

Also this weekend we had a party with a couple of my friends and Carina invited Lise to bring a couple of her friends as well. It was a smashing success and the best party I've been to recently! (And thats not because I've been so busy that I haven't been to very many...) During the night we also went to another party downtown with the owner of the Dolly Dimples resturant-chain before heading out to make a great ending to a good night at Club Savoy.

April 27, 2006

End of holidays

When I got back from this year's Easter vacation it was straigth back to my regular busy schedule, with writing my thesis, fixing stuff for Start NTNU, board-meetings with NVG and working a few days in between as well. In addition I accepted the job offer I got from Computas during easter, so I am also looking around for apartments in Oslo for when I return from San Francisco.
To top it all up my parents and my grandmother came to visit this weekend, so most of saturday and sunday was spent with them around town, and having my parents visiting are always nice, especially since they pay for yummey resturant-dinners :-)

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March 26, 2006

Never eat at Szechuan in Trondheim!

Read on below for english version.
Aldri finn på å bestille mat fra Szechuan kina-restaurant i Trondheim!
Jeg og Carina gjorde det i dag, og gledet oss virkelig til å skeie ut med en skikkelig god søndagsmiddag. And i plommesaus og Satay-scampi skulle være en nytelse, men sausen var helt ordinær szechuan-saus, og både scampiene og andekjøttet var kjempeseigt og knapt mulig å få en kniv igjennom! Resten av tilbehøret holdt samme kvalitet og det hele var direkte uapptittelig.

Jeg ringte naturlig nok resturanten og fortalte om dette, og fikk da beskjed at sjåføren skulle komme tilbake med pengene med en gang, så servicen var tilsynelatende upåklagelig. MEN, etter en halvtime ringer sjefen fra resturanten og sier da at de har policy på å aldri gi penger tilbake, og at hun jeg snakket med først hadde tatt feil. At de allerede hadde lovet å gi meg pengene tilbake betydde ingenting, ei heller at maten var meget dårlig. De laget gjerne ny mat til oss men kunne ikke under noen omstendighet gi pengene tilbake, uansett hvor misfornøyde vi måtte bli med det og selv om det betydde at vi aldri kom til å bestille hos dem igjen...

Jeg må si at det er utrolig frekt å behandle kundene sine slik, hvor man først betaler 350kr for elendig mat og deretter går tilbake på at man kan få igjen pengene selv om de allerede hadde lovet dette! I tillegg ble både Carina og jeg uggen i magen etterpå, så vi endte opp med å kjøre på Sesam og ta en skikkelig burger sånn at vi ihvertfall skulle bli mette...

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March 25, 2006

Another month of work and study

Wow, time really flies! Suddenly it is a month since the last time I posted to my blog, and I'm struggling to remember what I have been doing lately.
I know I've been to work quite a few times, and I've been writing a good deal on my masters thesis too.

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February 15, 2006

Valentines day!

Yesterday was the 14th of February, the day to celebrate love in honour of St. Valentine. Carina and I got each other cards (courtesy of Hallmark) and some other small gifts. One was a small übercutesy teddy-bear with a picture of Carina inside a heart on a t-shirt the bear was wearing! <3 Also she made me some cinnamon-cake muffins with chocolate topping and chocolate hearts spelling out "I Love You" on them. Isn't that the cutest thing?
Also to mark it as a really special day I treated Carina to dinner at Cháblis, one of the absolute best resturants in Trondheim where we both had Breast of duck glazed with orange honey, red onion compote, fried mushrooms, chest nut purée, voisin potato and a thyme and red wine sauce. A absolutely delicious meal, despite the hefty not-student-friendly pricetag. Yum!
But the night was not over with this! We had also prepared a delicious dessert with fresh strawberries and spanish cava for when we got home, to be enjoyed with a romantic movie called 'Kvinnen i mitt liv'. The cava was a bottle of Delapierre Glacè semi-seco from Codorníu, a sparkling wine we brought home with us from Gran Canaria, and the movie was quite enjoyable :-)

February 12, 2006

Dead computer walking!

It's aliiive!

My laptop computer Mars died on saturday the 28th of January. It was partly my own fault becuase I bluntly ignored the big warning bells in my head and tried to perform a flash-upgrade of the bios of my video card. The flashing failed however, so after the next reboot my computer was dead as a brick, and as this was a saturday morning I also discovered that Dell customer support is not open during the weekends so I had to wait until monday morning to report the problem.

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February 9, 2006

Strategy and work

This weekend Start NTNU held its biannual strategic gathering with all its members, and this time the destination was Fjellværøy, a small island far out in the Trondheimsfjord. Here we stayed at a set of cabins where we had lots of fun and party, and some work with the future goals of Start NTNU on Saturday.

The rest of my time lately has been spent working at all my other various tasks. I've just started writing my masters thesis, i'm writing a business plan for Venture Cup, we're trying to get sponsors for Gründerskolen and I've still got both my part-time job at Lefdal and my tasks with Start NTNU and NVG, so I'm quite busy these days. Hopefully things will calm down later this semester, but I doubt it...

January 3, 2006

Happy New Year!

Since the completion of my specialization project I have been working more than full time at Lefdal Elektromarket almost every day the past month, except a short 5 day trip to Harstad to visit my family for Christmas before returning to Trondheim for more work and the new years celebrations with Carina.

Spending many long days at work isn't where I'd most rather be, but at least it has been fun to have plenty of customers most of the time, and I make good money as well which will come in quite handy since I'm going to San Francisco this summer.

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December 15, 2005

Finally done!

After weeks and weeks of writing like crazy I finally completed and turned in my specialization project last friday, and on wednesday I had an oral presentation of my findings. It's finally christmas and I'm all done with this semester, but I'm going to work at lot at Lefdal the next couple of days before I get to go back home so there won't be much free time anyways. But there has been more happening lately!

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September 30, 2005

Autumn passed by

And just like that, we're done with September and autumn is almost over. Like this summer I haven't had much time to blog now either... Maybe it has something to do with having a girlfriend? Seems like lots of couples slowly fade away from an active online existence after they move in together, but that's just life I guess.

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August 30, 2005

An amazing meal!

Carina and I have been eating quite a lot of indian and thai-food since we moved in together, mixed in with the occasional norwegian dish of course.
For the occation of us having been together for 1 year and 4 months this sunday, we decided to make a meal that was a bit out of the ordinary. This meant getting some real steak or beef instead of the chicken and pork we usually have, so after searching for some ideas on what to make we decided to go with the Beef and Cashewnuts. It was the perfect blend of the south-pacific without beeing spicy and still having a homely feel. In addition to the exotic fruitsalad and potatochips specified in the recipie we made a cold-stirred Peppergravy from Toro, some fried onions and sugarglaced broccoli, just because we like those a lot.
All in all it tasted absolutely wonderful! The fruit-salad was a bit tame, but everything was so different from what we usually eat, especially the cold-stirred pepper gravy, so the meal tasted perfectly to balance out our regular dinners. We absolutely got to have it again! ... in a while of course, we mustn't ruin it by having it too often :-)

August 6, 2005

Another summer gone by

Woops. It seems like the entire summer has passed by me and I haven't even had the time to blog once! Not that there has been a lot to write about since we got back from Rome anyways, as I've mostly only been working close to full-time and just relaxing in our apartment on my few days off. Few of the things on my ToDo list for the summer has been achieved as well, but stuff like editing video from Australia and sorting mp3's isn't really time-critical to get done so I'll just put it off until next summer or something :-)

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June 11, 2005

Summer in a new apartment!

Finally I'm all done with this semesters' exams! After a couple of weeks of intensive studying I think I've handled most of my exams quite well, and not before had I closed the books on my last one before I had to start packing up my stuff and moving it about 150 meters over to mine and Carinas new apartment!

It's just past midnight and we've finally gotten everything moved over, and started unpacking at our new place, which btw. looks awesome! A lot better than a cramped dorm-room at least...! It's about 48m² and will set us back about 6000 NOK a month in total, including utilities and 10Mbit LAN university-internet access. It is still at Lerkendal Student-village and as such just a stonethrow away from my University-Campus, and not too far away from downtown either.

And then, just after we finish unpacking, we will be driving south towards Oslo on Monday, getting some stuff from Carinas place and then taking a planeride to a long overdue vacation to romantic Rome, Italy :-)
But first, it's bedtime!

May 17, 2005

Hooray for Norway!

norwegian_flag.jpgToday is the Constitution Day of Norway, widely celebrated around the world. No actually it is, but mostly only by Norwegians living abroad, like I did last year when the day was spent in Brisbane.
This year we celebrated in a more traditional student-fashion, by just relaxing at home after the greatest party-day of the year, the night of May 16th! Carina and me had a vorspiel with a small group of our friends over at my place first, plenty of fun with music, wine and beer. We had originally planned a large outdoor BBQ-party, but with 4°C and light rain we decided to cancel and stay indoors. As the midnight hour drew close we packed up and went downtown to party on at Rio, the best latino-club in Trondheim. It was completely packed with people everywhere downtown and as expected it was great fun and we stayed until closing time, and today I have enjoyed myself richly by just beeing lazy. I even bought myself a full liter of strawberry-jelly with vanilla-custard to munch on! YuM! :-)

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April 16, 2005

Carina is back!

Which of course is the reason I haven't been updating this page a lot lately, and that new design is still in the works. I was planning a winter-design this time around, but at this rate it appears that it will be outdated even before I can publish it. Maybe I'll have to think of something else...

Well, read on to get the recap of my life since the last update here!

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March 6, 2005

Studying and more

After Carina left I've spent most of my time working on the intranet for Start NTNU as well as doing mandatory lab-exercises and course-readings as required to pass the classes I am enrolled in. Mostly they contenst are somewhat interesting but it's also really mundane stuff that'll bore your brains out.

I've also been making a new personal homepage for myself that hopefully will be ready for publication within the week, and so in essence my life is a dull as an old butterknife, at least most of the time. There has been a couple of good parties during in the weekends to liven things up a bit, and thank god for that. A week ago Benjamin threw an awesome party at his place for mostly Start NTNU people, with dancing and drinking until the break of dawn, and then this weekend there was a small get-together at Alexanders place in honour of Gry-Hege who was on a weekend trip to Trondheim visiting him. Plenty of fun, and quite neccesary if I were to remain sane.
Well at least I get a lot of work done these days...

February 17, 2005

All alone again.. for a while.

Carina has returned to Brisbane for yet another semester. Unlike me she is doing most of her degree in Australia, and hence had two semesters left there when I moved back to Trondheim in August last year. After the first of these she came to Trondheim and has been living with me during most of her 4 month summer vacation. But now the vacation is over, and she will be down under for another couple of months finishing up her degree while I'm studying here in Trondheim.

Luckily the distance isn't all that big thanks to free video and voice conversations over the internet, and since it's just a few months we'll manage.
You'll be back here in no time honey :-) <3

February 6, 2005

Finally at Lerkendal!

After beeing on SiT's waiting list for almost 2 years, it was finally my turn to get a unit at Lerkendal Student Village!
About 2 weeks ago I got the message that I could start moving in on Friday the 4th of March. With a lot of help from Henrik and my girlfriend Carina I got all my stuff packed together and transported down here during thursday and friday, and after we got most of our stuff unpacked yesterday it started to feel like home. It's been a good weekend :-)

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January 19, 2005

New and improved!

Not my webpage layout, yet (I'm working on a new one), but my vision!
Last friday I had PRK laser surgery done on both my eyes hoping to attain perfect vision without using any kinds of lenses. After a weekend of intense pain and itching in my eyes and beeing extremely light sensitive to the point where Carina had to hang blankets over the windows. It all eased up a bit from monday morning and after a checkup today I'm starting to feel quite good as the bandage-lenses on my eyes have been removed and my vision is becoming useable again. The vision on my left eye is still a bit foggy, but I've been cleared to drive and everything will hopefully perfect itself within a couple of months or so! I might not get the full 20/20 vision I'm hoping for but at least I won't have to use glasses for anything other than sunprotection ever again :-)

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December 19, 2004

All done and ready for Christmas!

I think I did ok on my last exam as well, and what a relief it was to have completed them all! Just as much as every semester I guess :-)

As I'm finally all done it's time for Christmas, so the past week has been spent shopping for gifts, baking cookies and cakes and mostly enjoying life. On tuesday both Carina and me are flying to our respective homes, and tonight we are throwing a small X-mas-party for some friends of ours with plenty of christmas goodies for everyone :-)

The yield for our first baking together is: 211 kakemenn, 59 vepsebol, a 40cm Cheesecake, and about a hundred Negerboller. In addition I'll probaly be making quite a few gingerbread-cookies and some home-made marzipan when I get home to my family. It's tradition so I do that every year, but I probably won't build a gingerbread-house from scratch this year like I did in 2001.
( I have no idea what most of these goodies are called in english, but please help me out if you know by leaving a comment! )

November 30, 2004

Busy days part 2: November

With exams closing in on us there wasn't much time for anything during November, especially not blogging, but in between all of the studying we managed to squeeze in a long-weekend to visit Carina's mother in Lier, and I did get to go to Start NTNU's annual christmas party!

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October 31, 2004

Busy days part 1: October

After the trip to Bergen my life got a lot more hectic. Start IT was coming up, we began som serious work on the Start NTNU intranet-system, Carina was coming back from Australia on the 18th and I had several assignments due before then.

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September 19, 2004

Start Forum

startntnu.jpgThis weekend the annual Start Forum was held. It is a national gathering of all the Start-groups at the various educational institutions in Norway.
The most important sessions held were probably the General Assembly for Start Norway and the national finale and award-ceremony in VentureCup, but there was plenty of other things going on as well!

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September 17, 2004

My box is here!

dgntnui.gifAs I had way too much stuff with me to Australia, and had even more stuff with me going back, I couldn't fit it all in my travel luggage so I had to fill up a big box with the rest. I wouldn't want a recurrance of what happened when I brought the box to Australia, so to make it as cheap as possible I left it at Carina's so she could have Jetta ship it to me upon her return to Brisbane. I still had to go the airport to pick it up when it arrived in Trondheim last night, but all the customs clearance and such where completed without me needing to be present, so I just paid 354 NOK in fees and got my box! Thank you for sending it love! <3

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September 12, 2004

Getting back on with my life

kransekake.jpgOver the weeks since I moved to Trondheim I have worked to get my place in order, assembling furniture and tidying up, and I have signed up for and started following lectures for the the courses I'm required to complete this semster. I have now been officially acccepted at the Master of Technology studies in Telematics and I have joined the IT-group of Start NTNU, a student run interest-group working to improve knowledge and interest in innovation among students and staff at the university. Hopefully this will be very educationaly and interesting as well as a lot of fun, and Start has even landed me a job already(!), as cameracrew for a innovation seminar to be held in Trondheim shortly.

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August 22, 2004

Moving around, and back again.

Our apartment block at Bergheim AmfiStudying hard mixed with some relaxation at the movies hopefully paid off, as I'm confident that I'll pass the mathematics exam this time. A short lunchbreak after the exam was all the time I took before going home to Harstad once again.

Because I've been away for a year and this course kept me extremely busy just now that I got back there are plenty of people I hadn't been able to meet yet, so I set course for Andenes to visit Rikke and her husband for a day before I had to start packing for Trondheim. I've never been out at Andøya before so while it was shot it was still an interesting trip outside the delight of hanging out with old friends. A day well spent, but there was no rest to be had as I had to return home and pack up all the things I needed to bring with me for the move south. I got it all packed up in time and all of last sunday was spent driving the 900 kilometers from Harstad to Trondheim.

Upon arrival I crashed at Alexanders place for a night until Realf could get back into town and hand me the keys to my new place, a room in his spacious apartment at Bergheim. It's a bit expensive but a really really nice place to live. The last week has been spent getting everything in order, inlcuding buying a new bed, desk, shelves and a chair, getting my student-loan money for this semester and signing up for the classes I'll be taking. In between I've even had some time to talk with Carina who is back in Australia, and to meet up with some of the friends I have that are still studying in Trondheim. Judging from the going so far I think I'm really going to enjoy myself as a student in Trondheim this time around as well :-)

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