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October 26, 2006

Completing Gründerskolen

After getting home from Brussels there were at least one good thing waiting for me at home, a delivery slip saying that my DSL-modem had arrived! Finally I could start really using the net again, as opposed to just doing the most basic things over my 3G cellphone-connection. And then on Tuesday some guys showed up to install a wall-mounted oven in my bathroom as the floor-heating was broken when I moved in. About time I say, as winter is just around the corner and a ground-level apartment without gets really chilly along the floors, so now I've gotten everything in the apartment in order, just in time for the Wednesday arrival of Øystein and Carina from Gründerskolen, who will be staying at my place over the weekend during the Gründerskolen Fall Seminar, the completion of my days as a student!

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August 17, 2006

Final exams

With our final examination and the delivery of our business plan due this Tuesday, and after prioritizing most of last week to new experiences and parties, it was really about time to put in some serious work on the plan so we could get it ready in time. So Sunday morning at 10a.m, just after a short detour to drop of mine and Øysteins rented diving equipment, the Automaton Industries team met up in the offices of PeerMe to finish up the plan that we have been working on all summer.

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August 4, 2006

Tv, lock-problems and Nesheim relaxed(!)

While still keeping the focus on our studies, outside of the working hours Arthur and I have also spent quite a few hours in front of the TV. We have just been lazy while watching Arthurs newly bought DVD's with full seasons of The Sopranos and Allò Allò. However to get some variety we did go to the San Jose IMAX theater today to catch Superman Returns since it was closed last time around, and it was a totally awesome way to see a movie! The really large screen lets you get into the movie in a whole new way, despite some annoying blurring along the edges of the screen caused by the conversion to the larger format (which you don't get with real IMAX movies btw). I was a bit disappointed however that there was no 3D equipment in this theater, but since less than 20 minutes of the movie would have been in 3D it didn't change the experience which I can totally recommend! It's just too bad that the IMAX theater in Oslo has been shut down...

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July 30, 2006

Wine, cheese, tapas, cake, some movies and a club!

Until now we have mostly been spending the summer going on various trips and events in smaller groups, but that changed this week with a Wine&Cheese party first, and then a Tapas-night tool Then in between this and the pressure from our work and studies which is really building up now, we also found the time to see some movies, visit Gloria and to go clubbing in San Francisco!

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July 14, 2006

Catching up with everyday life

Since we got back from Vegas the realities of everyday life has really caught up with us, so we've had to put in quite a few hours with the books lest we'd fall too far behind on the study materials. Besides this and the internship work we have not done much lately deserving of mention, other than catching the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest up in the Century Cinema multiplex at Shoreline on friday night. It was a good movie, but it didn't even close to the first one in any aspects, but it is one of those that you just have to see.

Then the weekend was mostly spent recouperating the lost sleep from last weekend and reading study-materials by the pool, as well as talking to my Carina at home on Skype. Arthur and I also dropped by a party at Ida's place on saturday night as she had bought lots of fruits and liquor and was mixing fancy tropical drinks for everyone! Around midnight everyone went down to the Buddah Lounge to check out the nightlife, but we didn't stay long and returned to Park Place for a nachspiel instead. A couple of the guys then brought guitars as well, so we were all having a great time singing and drinking.

Come monday this week turned into a deja vù of last week, with nothing happening but working long hours, studying and reading by the pool, only interchanged with business plan meetings, lectures on tuesday, and watching the Discovery channel. This made for a very boring week, but at least we are going on a great trip this weekend! In just a few hours we are leaving for Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks to stay in a real american trailer :-)

June 24, 2006

Studying harder!

And without warning our third week in Silicon Valley were upon us, and now we are starting to feel the combined pressure of work and classes mounting. After work on monday this meant that we had to get together our group and start working on our business plan, which again means that we had to get our act together and clean up the apartment as well since our group consists of Carina and Marthe in addition to Øystein, Arthur and myself who are sharing an apartment, and they were coming over to start working on the business plan for Øysteins idea, which I naturally can't discuss due to patent issues.

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June 17, 2006

Another week of work and parties

And suddenly a second busy week in San Francisco has come and gone. By now we are starting to get settled in at work, but we found that the preparations required for the classes with Nesheim was quite extensive so we asked and got to have tuesdays off from work to study and prepare. Also we've been trying out a range of different lunch-places in the San Mateo area and have been trying to socialize a bit in the evenings as well.

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June 9, 2006

A week of shopping, parties and some work

As the story goes, everything is bigger in the United States. Of course this includes both driving distances, the size of stores and the amounts contained in a pack of food. A direct result of this is that shopping takes us a large amount of time, simply due to the fact that the shops take so long to get to and walk through!

Also it appears that the days here in California won't consist of nearly as much relaxation by the pool as it was in Australia. There's something going on literally *all* the time so I barely even have time to blog!

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May 30, 2006

Cleaning and packing

Wow. The past weeks I have just been crazy busy! After turning in my master's thesis and completing my degree on monday the 22nd its all been about packing all my stuff, both what I will bring with me to California and everything else that had to be stashed in a garage in Trondheim over the summer. In addition we had to pack Carina's stuff and also clean out the entire apartment, meet up with my friends to say goodbye and get all of my other stuff in order before leaving.

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May 19, 2006

Master's thesis and travel preparations

All of May has been a complete continious blur for me. I've been writing days and nights to finish up my Master's thesis, and in addition there has been lots of little details to prepare for my trip to the states. However it's currently looking very good for me and I'm on schedule to finish and hand it in next friday!

That at least is a weight of my shoulders because as usual everything else hasen't been going as smoothly as I had hoped. I've ordered both the Nokia N80 cellphone and a Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox N560 pda, and since both are brand new products just shipping for the first time this month I'm getting woried that everything won't be delivered in time for my departure on June 1st, and that would cause me a lot of hassle to get them forwarded to me in California.
And then of course there has been issues with travel insurance, health-care coverage, scholarship payments, tax refunds, getting an international drivers license, doing the paperwork required for housing, internship employment and car rentals, handling sponsorship applications, organizing weekend-trips and last but not least preparing to pack what I need and move out of this apartment!

So it's no wonder it's been a blur! Neither Carina or I even had the time to socialize or go downtown on Norways constitution day, the 17th of May, but we'll have to make up for that by throwing a goodbye-party just before we leave. Perhaps we'll get to try out the new BBQ-area thats been built just outside here if the weather allows! :-)

April 4, 2006

Gathering with Gründerskolen

Last weekend I went back to Oslo again, this time driving with Carina to move lots of her stuff back to Lier. The reason for the trip was an interview at the american embassy to get my student visa as well as a weekend gathering with all of the students going to Gründerskolen (Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship) this year. The interview was scheduled on thursday morning, so Carina and I drove down from Trondheim early on wednesday the 29th of March.

When we left I still had a bit of the flu since eating at Szechuan, so to prevent my allergy to cats from making me worse, and since I had to meet up at the embassy early thursday morning, I spent the nights from wednesday to friday at Marlenes place in Oslo and only stopped shortly in Lier to unload the car and have dinner. In addtition I haven't seen Marlene since we were in Australia together two years ago, so it was nice to finally get a chance to catch up again too.

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March 25, 2006

Another month of work and study

Wow, time really flies! Suddenly it is a month since the last time I posted to my blog, and I'm struggling to remember what I have been doing lately.
I know I've been to work quite a few times, and I've been writing a good deal on my masters thesis too.

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February 9, 2006

Strategy and work

This weekend Start NTNU held its biannual strategic gathering with all its members, and this time the destination was Fjellværøy, a small island far out in the Trondheimsfjord. Here we stayed at a set of cabins where we had lots of fun and party, and some work with the future goals of Start NTNU on Saturday.

The rest of my time lately has been spent working at all my other various tasks. I've just started writing my masters thesis, i'm writing a business plan for Venture Cup, we're trying to get sponsors for Gründerskolen and I've still got both my part-time job at Lefdal and my tasks with Start NTNU and NVG, so I'm quite busy these days. Hopefully things will calm down later this semester, but I doubt it...

December 15, 2005

Finally done!

After weeks and weeks of writing like crazy I finally completed and turned in my specialization project last friday, and on wednesday I had an oral presentation of my findings. It's finally christmas and I'm all done with this semester, but I'm going to work at lot at Lefdal the next couple of days before I get to go back home so there won't be much free time anyways. But there has been more happening lately!

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October 14, 2005

Elkjøp Academy

My current employer Lefdal Elektromarket is a member of the multinational Elkjøp group and as such all of us working there has the oppourtunity to attend various courses and conferences organized by the main organization. Since the Elkjøp-group is quite a large corporation they have a seperate brand for all such activities called the Elkjøp Academy.

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September 30, 2005

Autumn passed by

And just like that, we're done with September and autumn is almost over. Like this summer I haven't had much time to blog now either... Maybe it has something to do with having a girlfriend? Seems like lots of couples slowly fade away from an active online existence after they move in together, but that's just life I guess.

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May 17, 2005

Hooray for Norway!

norwegian_flag.jpgToday is the Constitution Day of Norway, widely celebrated around the world. No actually it is, but mostly only by Norwegians living abroad, like I did last year when the day was spent in Brisbane.
This year we celebrated in a more traditional student-fashion, by just relaxing at home after the greatest party-day of the year, the night of May 16th! Carina and me had a vorspiel with a small group of our friends over at my place first, plenty of fun with music, wine and beer. We had originally planned a large outdoor BBQ-party, but with 4°C and light rain we decided to cancel and stay indoors. As the midnight hour drew close we packed up and went downtown to party on at Rio, the best latino-club in Trondheim. It was completely packed with people everywhere downtown and as expected it was great fun and we stayed until closing time, and today I have enjoyed myself richly by just beeing lazy. I even bought myself a full liter of strawberry-jelly with vanilla-custard to munch on! YuM! :-)

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March 6, 2005

Studying and more

After Carina left I've spent most of my time working on the intranet for Start NTNU as well as doing mandatory lab-exercises and course-readings as required to pass the classes I am enrolled in. Mostly they contenst are somewhat interesting but it's also really mundane stuff that'll bore your brains out.

I've also been making a new personal homepage for myself that hopefully will be ready for publication within the week, and so in essence my life is a dull as an old butterknife, at least most of the time. There has been a couple of good parties during in the weekends to liven things up a bit, and thank god for that. A week ago Benjamin threw an awesome party at his place for mostly Start NTNU people, with dancing and drinking until the break of dawn, and then this weekend there was a small get-together at Alexanders place in honour of Gry-Hege who was on a weekend trip to Trondheim visiting him. Plenty of fun, and quite neccesary if I were to remain sane.
Well at least I get a lot of work done these days...

December 10, 2004

Two down, one to go

After my first exam on the 30th I have studied plenty the last week-and-a-half for the exam in Access and Transport Networks that I had today. Also on this one I performed above expectations, but I fear I won't be as lucky on the next one. 25mb's of documentation and articles about various Internet-protocols isn't exactly the most entertaining reading I know...

But that is for monday to worry about, for tomorrow is my birthday! Woohoo!
I'm turning 24, but despite it beeing on a saturday for once I'll have to stay inside and read for my exam most of the day. I'll just have to catch up on the partying over christmas, but at least Carina is cooking me a prime steak with creambaked potatoes and fried tomatoes. YuM! And I'm also expecting a couple of surprises during the day, and of course a couple of birthdaygifts :-D

Let's hope it will be a good day!

September 12, 2004

Getting back on with my life

kransekake.jpgOver the weeks since I moved to Trondheim I have worked to get my place in order, assembling furniture and tidying up, and I have signed up for and started following lectures for the the courses I'm required to complete this semster. I have now been officially acccepted at the Master of Technology studies in Telematics and I have joined the IT-group of Start NTNU, a student run interest-group working to improve knowledge and interest in innovation among students and staff at the university. Hopefully this will be very educationaly and interesting as well as a lot of fun, and Start has even landed me a job already(!), as cameracrew for a innovation seminar to be held in Trondheim shortly.

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August 22, 2004

Moving around, and back again.

Our apartment block at Bergheim AmfiStudying hard mixed with some relaxation at the movies hopefully paid off, as I'm confident that I'll pass the mathematics exam this time. A short lunchbreak after the exam was all the time I took before going home to Harstad once again.

Because I've been away for a year and this course kept me extremely busy just now that I got back there are plenty of people I hadn't been able to meet yet, so I set course for Andenes to visit Rikke and her husband for a day before I had to start packing for Trondheim. I've never been out at Andøya before so while it was shot it was still an interesting trip outside the delight of hanging out with old friends. A day well spent, but there was no rest to be had as I had to return home and pack up all the things I needed to bring with me for the move south. I got it all packed up in time and all of last sunday was spent driving the 900 kilometers from Harstad to Trondheim.

Upon arrival I crashed at Alexanders place for a night until Realf could get back into town and hand me the keys to my new place, a room in his spacious apartment at Bergheim. It's a bit expensive but a really really nice place to live. The last week has been spent getting everything in order, inlcuding buying a new bed, desk, shelves and a chair, getting my student-loan money for this semester and signing up for the classes I'll be taking. In between I've even had some time to talk with Carina who is back in Australia, and to meet up with some of the friends I have that are still studying in Trondheim. Judging from the going so far I think I'm really going to enjoy myself as a student in Trondheim this time around as well :-)

August 7, 2004

Mathematics, strawberries and the flu

strawberries.jpgThe last three weeks have been extremely busy and exhausting. Many hours of studying engineering mathematics intensively every day is not exactly my idea of fun, and on top of it all I caught a nasty flu which put me in bed through all of last week. At least I can finally spot a light in the end of the tunnel with the final exam coming up this wednesday. That'll give me a few days of rest before I need to intensify my search for an apartment in Trondheim and move down there to start working on my Masters degree.
Thankfully the later days haven't been all bad, with temperatures peaking around 25°C and several afternoons spent swimming in almost 20°C warm water in the sea and in lakes. Also strawberries are just coming into season here so there has been plenty of sweet home-grown strawberries to go around, freshly picked with cream and sugar. Yummey! :)

July 21, 2004

Early end of summer-holidays

It was wonderful to finally get back home to Harstad. I spent a week just slacking around, meeting a couple of friends and playing around with my old 386-computer, installing a soundcard and a large harddrive in it to make it an awesome retro game-station. Oh the memories! :-)

Then Carina came to visit last wednesday, and the rest of the week went by like a dream! All we did was driving around to show her the city, have good dinners with my family and cuddling up together to watch movies. I could have been doing that forever... but that is all the rest I got, for on Sunday Carina went back to visit her parents, and I drove to Narvik to start a summercourse in Advanced Calculus.

I need the course in order to get accepted at Master of Engineering studies in Norway. It is an intensive 3 week course, so we got straight down to business at 8:15 on monday morning. This is going to be hell as math is my worst subject ever. It's only been three days into the course, and I already feel like I'm falling behind. But as I really want my Masters I'll just have to hang in there. At least this is the last mathematics class I'll ever have to take! At least it's finally bed-time now, but tomorrow morning it is back to the books... *sigh*

June 22, 2004

Bachelors Project Complete!

Today I printed, binded and handed in all the work I have done on my bachelors thesis over the last year. I can't even describe the relief I'm feeling from finally having completed it, as it is the thing that has given me the most worries lately as a lot of my future plans are depending on it. If I get a passing grade on this project and on my final exam the 29th of June, then all that remains is to get everything I've done in Australia approved at my home institution in Norway before I can call myself a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science!

The final report and file-outs of the sourcecode I've written for Squeak can be found here. The site will be updated with a full Squeak-image and some more content when Telstra manges to reconnect my DSL or when I have returned home.

With this out of the way there is only two exams and 9 days left until I leave Australia for good. On the way out I will be spending a week in Japan with my girlfriend Carina, before enduring a long long flight home to the land of the midnight sun and the place that I call home!

May 30, 2004

ScanOZ 2004

To create better understanding between students and employers in Norway and Australia a subcommittee of ANSA was created to hold a career day / conference to allow for the creation of connections and to give the parties a chance to meet and learn from each other.
After a year of hard work by the ScanOZ commitee the conference finally took place yesterday, a full day with seminars, information-stands and food at QUT's School of Business.

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May 16, 2004

Assignment work, parties and some movies

Work, work, and more work. There seems to be no end to it, but now I've at least completed most of my assignments, and gotten well underway with both my job and my project. I do however fear I don't have enough time to complete the latter, but I'll just have to keep at it and hope it all works out in the end.

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May 4, 2004

Still keeping busy

Carina & SveinI was hoping the worst workload would pass just after my last entry, but it appears I was wrong. There's been lots to do the last week-and-a-half as well with my both my project and my job, and I've got another mid-term coming up on saturday followed by an assignment due the 17th of May. It's all a bit boring and longwinded despite most of it beeing very interesting, but I guess I just have to hang in there and get it all done. In addition I'm almost out of money now, so thank god that the exhange-rate has finally dropped below 5:1 again! WooHoo!!

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April 24, 2004

The busy-weeks are almost over

After returning from New Zealand last friday I knew I had a hectic schedule for the next two weeks, but I didn't know how hectic until I got the flu as well...
There was both an advanced divers course, two assignments, two mid-term exams, lots of project work and my new job to take care of. Plenty more than I appreciated, but now I'm almost done with everything!

For those awaiting a travelentry from New Zealand, I promise it'll be up soon! Due to my workload I haven't had time to finish it yet, but it's on its way and will have heaps of pictures! It's about half-done, so expect it online in a couple of days.

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April 6, 2004


I didn't really get to do as much work on my assignments as planned last week, and ended up going out both thursday and friday, but after a bit of effort both yesterday and on saturday I'm more or less where I need to be with my work, which is good as I'm leaving for New Zealand in just a couple of hours!

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March 2, 2004


QUT LogoYesterday marked the start of Semester 1 - 2004, and for once it was a really good one. I originally belived that I did not have any lectures on monday, but upon closer inspection of my unit-details I located a lecture in Network Services from 7p.m - 9p.m. This meant new plans for the night, but for once that wasn't a bad thing!

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November 6, 2003


Finally I've completed my last exam this semester, so for the next 4 months I'll be doing nothing but enjoying lazy days under the Australian sun while having heaps of fun and hopefully get to do some travelling!

And by the way.. hello! to visitors from HotelChatter. I hope you found something interesting on my site :)

October 30, 2003

Australian exams

Yesterday I had my first exam in Australia, and it was my final bit of work in the unit ITB227 Web Applications. I think I did quite well, but we won't know until the results come in a couple of weeks.

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October 24, 2003

Much work these days

Since returning from hospital most of my time have been spent working on assignments and preparing for exams. Last thursday I turned in the second assingment in web applications, and shortly I will complete an assignment in digital libraries. Also, yesterday we recieved our take-home-exam for digital libraries, and on wednesday I have the final exam in web applications. Then there is only the final exam in Network Planning on the 6th of November to go before I can kick back, relax, and simply enjoy summer in the sunshine state!

September 9, 2003

Queensland Univertsity of Technology

View of the city from the Botanic Gardens

    "A university for the real world."
Queensland University of Technology is a modern university specializing in up to date courses with real world applications. Catering for part-time students most of the lectures are available after working hours. The main campus Gardens Point, which is where I attend, is situated almost inside the Brisbane city botanic gardens which is just a 5 minute walk from Brisbane CBD. The campus area is beatifully laid out with lots of grass-spots, forests, mingle-areas, and cafès in between the buildings. As the botanic gardens cover three sides of the campus it makes a wonderful recreational area for students wanting to study in green surroundings or just relax in the sun.
QUT Aritsans Cafè

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My Courses of Study

During my year at QUT I am studying the following units.
A full semester load at QUT is 48 credit points.

Updated 18th of March 2004 @ 18:36.

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August 22, 2003


The uni's down here are very oriented around project work, so in most units this is the main way we are evaluated. This last week I have been working lots and lots to complete the first part of the project in Web Applications. We are making a webshop for DVD-sales in ASP.NET, the unit naturally also requires formal specifications, mind-maps, site-maps, storyboards, and test-versions, so its quite a lot of work. Yesterday we gave a presentation of the site and the test-version, and today we have just turned in the project report with all the other data.
I'm awfully glad I've finished this one, even tho I still have left to complete a 3000 word assignment about Digital Libraries due on monday. But that will have to wait, for tonight NorSK is throwing a celebrity party!

August 12, 2003


IIS can go and die in someones backyard. I'm doing a unit called Web Applications where we *have* to use ASP.NET to create a webpage. We are also encouraged to make it in DreamWeaver MX. So far so good. But to use ASP.NET we are almost required to use MS-IIS as webserver... and IIS refuses to serve me any of the pages I make in DW and to connect to the database... aaargh... I'm just about ready to quit on this...

July 7, 2003

First day of School

Today was the first day we had compulsary sessions at School. For me it was 8 hours of general information about how to live in Brisbane and how the Study Abroad program works. A nice lunch was included and I managed to pick up my Student Identity Card and my password for QUT Virtual in between.

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